Sunninghill Park Stables – Sunninghill

Sunninghill Park Stables, owned by The Crown Estate, are located alongside the Great Pond at Cheapside in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead.

The late Victorian or Edwardian vintage buildings remain the last vestiges of the original house on the site, Sunninghill Park, which burnt down after World War II.

The proposals were to convert the part stabling, part residential into 5 residential units for longer term letting, and to undertake conservation work to the immediately surrounding parkland. This is designated in the Local Plan as an Area of Landscape Importance. The buildings have a real charm as a result of their relative juxtaposition, and varying shapes and forms. They also exhibit a number of features typical of their era.

The alterations and refurbishment allowed the reinstatement of appropriately designed windows, doors and other components where they have been removed. In particular where unattractive wider openings had been created, these are replaced by new brickwork arched windows and doors to a suitable scale to match the originals.

The buildings have been thermally insulated to a very high standard and sustainable and renewable energy sources have been installed in the form of wood burning stoves, thermal solar panels and air sourced heat pumps.