The ever-increasing threat of climate change is putting more pressure on the construction industry to use a holistic approach to sustainable building design. Even though sustainability has always played a pivotal role in our office, we are continually evolving our sustainability goals to minimise the environmental impact of our projects and actively take part in the protection of the environment. We are committed to promoting developments that achieve a maximum performance equivalent to BREEAM standards, with sustainability strategies and frameworks customised for each client and project.

Sustainable solutions are integrated into our projects from the early stages of the design process. We maximise the building’s characteristics, such as orientation, shading, glazing areas, layout, thermal mass, insulation values, and ventilation strategies, to create energy efficient buildings with low environmental impact. We aim to use healthy, local materials with low embodied energy where possible to reduce the CO2 emissions in the construction process. We create spaces for people to use, making their wellbeing one of our priorities. We aim to enrich our design for low energy buildings with human-centered design.

We are always working alongside our clients to achieve their “green” aspirations through sustainable and low-carbon energy efficient design. We aim to create healthy, sustainable and high quality spaces for their users while protecting the environment.

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