EDGINGTON URBAN are a team of urban designers and architects, committed to creating inspiring spaces and environments to live work and socialise in. Our urban design team have gathered a wealth of experience during their careers in the design and delivery of residential, commercial and mixed-use urban developments.

Over recent years, our urban architects and designers have designed and delivered projects in London, Windsor and across the Thames Valley and Home Counties, covering the following sectors:

Our vision is to design and deliver places and buildings for people, which enable connections and communities to thrive. Our focus is the well-being of those who will live, work and socialise in the environments we work with you to create. Together as urban architects, we will drive to ensure we deliver inspiring, high quality, sustainable, equitable and performative urban spaces.

Our approach to each project design must consider the following:

  • Interrelationship between buildings, routes and external spaces, making a place feel safe and approachable.
  • Encourage socialising and a sense of community and ownership amongst all users.
  • Draw on distinct aesthetic and spatial qualities embedded within local context.
  • Provide appropriate space, natural light and storage to allow people to flourish.
  • Enhance and improve the connection with external amenities, landscape and nature.
  • Ensure that buildings are accessible, well connected and easy to get around.
  • Ensure that proposals are delivered as designed, well-constructed and sustainably built.
  • Anticipate the impacts and effects of climate change that can make building design more efficient.
  • Ensure the construction and layout provide flexibility and longevity.

Details of our EDGINGTON URBAN team’s previous experience are shown in the project examples and where relevant, the appointed architectural practice is referenced.