BCR – LB Wandsworth

“The development will form part of the Council’s commitment to deliver 1,000 new homes on its land over the next 5-7 years, across the borough”

The development was envisaged to be part of a great opportunity for the council due to the location and its proximity to the River Thames. The existing estate is made up of 4-storey maisonette blocks and two 21-storey towers.

The design of the new building was developed to reference the proportions, spacing and offset of the adjacent 1960s towers. A mix of 1 bed starter homes and 2 bed apartments is arranged to take advantage of the river views around a central core. The terraced block is located on the road to repair the street frontage and provides duplexes and wheelchair accessible apartments.


101 New Homes
64% Affordable
19-Storey Tower + 4-Storey Terrace
Community Sports Court