Edgington, Spink + Hyne has been committed to sustainabilty since its foundation.  Indeed it is credit to our proud heritage in this area that many of our buildings now have protected status.

From our early days, we have always advocated sustainable, energy conscious design,  durable materials and considered the longterm implications of our architecture.

We are committed to actively implement Agenda 21, the UN Global Sustainability Agreement, which  includes:
-Raising awareness of environmental issues.
-Increasing public participation.
-Protecting and improving the environment, e.g. reducing CO² emissions.
-Creating a safe and healthy living environment.

As such, wherever possible, due regard is taken of the following:
(a)  Use of materials with low embodied energy.
(b)   Local products and materials to reduce transportation pollution.
(c)   A high proportion of recycled, non-toxic, low allergen and CFC free materials.
(d)   Hardcore and fill as far as reasonably practicable should consist of recycled material obtained locally, and consideration must also be given to the award of contracts to local companies and the employment of local workers.
(e)   The development should aim to achieve the BREEAM (Building  Research Establishment  Environmental  Assessment  Method)  environmental standard, and the buildings should be of high architectural merit.